Adam D Technology has been in business since 2006 and has spent these years perfecting our brand, service offerings, and creating high standards of quality control which previously did not exist in our industry. Not only do we repair computers, we also provide a myriad of other services and strive to facilitate every need in the technical space.


Broken computer or server? Bring it to us and we can do a diagnostic test to see what it would cost to fix!


We can connect you to the perfect PC to increase your productivity but still keep your state of mind.


Let us help you get your network up and running, and set it up so your in control of your systems.


It can be hard to know what systems you might need and where to buy them. Problem solved.


Paying an arm and a leg just to host your website? We can liaison directly with your hosting provider to get a plan that works with your wallet.


Business cards, print media, and your website are key extensions of your brand across Tucson. We can help coordinate it all.

"Be Stress Free With Adam D!"

We are a unique firm that takes pride in sharing our knowledge and expertise of technology and appreciate the importance of premium customer service. Without this level of quality customer service, we would not have a business, and it just so happens we’re also great with computers and wires.

Business Technology Services

We challenge the current “standard of service” in technical support and believe our customers can feel invested in our solution process, leaving them truly satisfied that they’ve worked with Adam D Technology.Let us be your number one resource and solution provider for any computer or technical problems you may have.

Computer Repair

Hardware (physical issues) to software installation and configuration for both laptops and desktops.  Whether you want to upgrade your computer, fix your computer, or get a new one we can facilitate your every need along the way.  We can provide remote, in-shop or on-site repair services.

Virus / Malware Removal & Protection

We provide stellar virus and malware removal techniques that will save your computer from some of the most annoying attacks to computers out there.  We also provide a managed anti-virus product that alerts us of any “bad” activity on your computer.  We issue a clean command and reach out to you to make sure your computer is ok.

Server Repair

Hardware (physical issues) to software installation and configuration to fit your business needs.  Whether you need a new server or have a current server that needs fixing or optimizing, we have you covered.

Computer / Server Sales

We can either find the right product for you to purchase yourself or purchase, configure and install it all for you. We are a full-service technology firm that has created a unique process all the way from listening to your needs, finding you a product to configuring and installing it.

Managed Services

We perform full helpdesk and management of your company’s technology, so you may focus on what you do best: serve your customers and be profitable.  Think of having an internal IT team that is there for just about your every need. We are your outsourced (in-house) tech team that keeps you moving forward.

Infrastructure Cabling

Are you improving your current office or moving into a new one?  We provide internet and audiovisual cabling services, so you can place your computer on that one wall you’ve always wanted.  We can install audio/visual systems in your office or home, mount TV’s or even make your computer present to the TV across the room.

Consultation & Technology Strategy

Do you already have “computer guy”? We play nice with others. If you are looking for a second opinion or strategy development for your “computer guy” to implement for you with our support, we can help.  We can coordinate a new internet or phone service provider to creating a full technology strategy for your company.  We’re your go-to technology firm.

Creative Services

Do you have a presentation that needs a wow factor? Do you need a logo created, your social media branded with consistent colors and logos or even a website facelift?  We provide a myriad of graphic design and print media accordingly to fit your needs.