Thank you for supporting me at the Centurions party whether you sponsored the event or went as a party goer. The money we raised this year will go to the TMC Foundation and be used to expand the NICU.  Furthermore, monies will be going to Boys and Girls Club, Youth on Their Own and Boys to Men Mentoring as all four of these organizations are beneficiaries.  Who do you know that is a Centurion? Have you ever been to one of our events? I’m going to recreate the experience for you of how it occurs to me to be a Centurion and what it takes to put on our event.

We are a group of 100 active members with many senior and life members which is a status that is earned after many years of active service. Planning such things like the event name, theme, venue ideas, who leads a venue, graphics, ticket price and the event location takes place about eight months in advance. The event date this year was 05 May 2018, and we effectively started planning in October 2017.

Many individuals outside of Centurion membership have a grand impact on the event.  Although we do our best to build, donate and provide a service to our organization that results in a successful party, it requires a community to accomplish such a feat. Thank you to every family member, business owner, employee and friend that helped us pull off another stellar event.

Starting on Tuesday/Wednesday of the week before the event many actives go to the event site to start event prep.  Equipment gets delivered, the event site gets chalked to reflect the architecture’s plan, and we start building the structures that you see and interact. Many of us camp in motorhomes and trailers at the event site for the duration of the event. I started my journey on Wednesday at left site on Sunday, camping with my buddy in his motorhome throughout.

Many actives, senior and life members work from 0630 to 1800 or later Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to pull off the party of the year, for you and our community. It is a labor of love and the comradery shared with our blood, sweat and sometimes tears is an experience that solidifies friendships for life!

We share the excitement with you when the clock counts down to start the party.  Many of us rush to the front gate to see the costumes that you wear, the smiles on your face showing how ready you are for a good time and to meet our friends and loved ones to thank them in supporting our organization and us.

Throughout the party, we are your concierges. It is not our party, it is your party, and we are there to create the best experience possible. We facilitate your needs, keep the event clean and make sure each venue is in peak operation.  As the night draws to a close, we provide free rides home and escort you to safety, all the while thanking you for supporting us.

The event ends promptly at midnight and then the cleanup and tear down start.  Most of us are back to camp by 0100 then share a beverage, stories, and cheers to another successful event. First hand I stayed up until 0300 on Sunday morning and promptly passed out.  All to wake up at 0630 on Sunday morning to complete the event cleanup and tear down.  Typically, we are complete by 1400 or 1500 on Sunday afternoon.

The level of dedication and passion that I see from our members empowers me to give my all. Thank you, my brothers, for the support we provide one another and the unification we show as a group to throw the biggest party of the year and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for our community.  Thank you to the volunteers that donated their time and resources.  Thank you to our sponsors for believing in what we do and thank you to the party goers that came to have a great time.

It is my pleasure to be part of something bigger than myself and live a powerful life of giving that is shared with my brethren. Next year’s event is 362 days away, and I cannot wait to do it over again.  With love and respect to all who contributed to The Centurions Splish Splash Beach Bash event on 05 May 2018, thank you! See you next year.


Always Caring,
-Adam Dellos

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