Electronic Oil Change

What is E.O.C.?

Our Electronic Oil Change program ensures that your computer stays up to date and alerts us of any issues that may negatively affect the performance of your device. IT support can become very costly with the “break it, fix it” approach, with regularly maintenance on your computer it will not only last you longer but will also run like new for years to come!

Keep Your PC Running Fast!

We make sure your computer stays up-to-date and alert you of any issues that may limit or negatively affect the performance of your device.

Stop Worrying About Viruses!

We install a world class virus monitoring solution that scans for harmful files that try to make it into your system and stops them before they can become a serious problem.

Save Money!

Typical IT support can cost upwards of $500 per year. When you join our exclusive E.O.C. program, you will receive up to %15 discount on labor when your PC can no longer be maintained and requires a repair or replacement. You also save money by continuing regular maintenance on your computer every quarter to maintain optimal health of your PC!

Benefits Include

  • Remote Quarterly Check / Clean-up of your Computer
  • Basic Support by Phone / Email
  • Advanced PC Monitoring System
  • On-the-go Mobile Support App
  • Instant Support Ticket System
  • Anti-Virus / Malware Protection
  • System Cleaning Software
  • FREE Unlimited Cloud Backup
  • Discounted Labor / Hardware

Keep Your PC Running Fast!

With hands-on maintenance and training, we get your PC running faster and keep it fast. With state of the art anti-virus suites, hackers are no match for ADT.

Organize Your Life

We can assist you with organizing emails, passwords, sensitive information, and media files. In today’s times, we have so much information that it can be hard to wrap your head around organizing it all. We will set you or your company up with software and tools to make your life easy.

Keep Cash For Later

Since this is a reoccurring program, we can ensure that you won’t have to face the overwhelming IT costs that come with getting small fixes done on your PC. With EOC, you can reach a peace if mind knowing that you are protected if anything goes wrong.

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