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What is Managed I.T.?

As a business owner you probably handle your IT one of two ways: When tech trouble strikes, you spend your own time tinkering with the problem until you either fix it or give up because you don’t know what you’re doing. This wastes time, which wastes resources, which wastes money, and so on and so forth until the situation gets so severe that you’re forced to shell out an arm and a leg just to get things back on track. Or, you’re profitable enough that you can afford your own IT department. That may sound like the optimal route to take, but in 2016, unless you’re a major corporation, paying an individual (or individuals) to solely focus on IT it is no longer cost-effective. In fact, this plan usually ends up being like throwing money into a black hole. What if your IT guy goes on vacation? Gets sick? Abruptly quits? These are hypotheticals you cannot ignore if you want your company to be successful. Simply put, your business is toast if your tech isn’t on point.


We manage your server and your local computers. Keep your systems online 99% of the time with real people a phone call away to support your business.


We can guide you through a systems upgrade. Your internet running slow or router stopped completely? We can have you back online in no time.


Before buying new systems, we can run diagnostics on every device in your network to find the root of the cause and remove it.

Managed Services Information & Pricing

As a business owner you probably handle your IT one of two ways: When tech trouble strikes, you spend your own time tinkering with the problem until you either fix it or give up because you don’t know what you’re doing. Save the hassle and call Adam D Technology.


24/7 Remote Monitoring
Hardware & Software audits
Remote Control Ability
Patching (OS and Approved Apps)
Self-help center
Managed Antivirus
Windows, Mac & Mobile Software
Windows, Mac & Mobile Support

mit elite

MIT Essentials, Plus:
Up to 3 Monthly Onsite Visits
Virus & Malware Removal
Backup Management for one-server
Dedicated CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
Dedicated Technician as Main Technical POC

MIT Program Details


monthly check-ups on all computers and servers

As an MIT client you will have one of our dedicated technicians complete monthly check-ups on all covered computers and servers. This allows us to mitigate any future issues either with Hardware (physical issues) to software. This also allows you and your staff dedicated time to communicate any tech barriers or questions you may have to our knowledgeable tech experts.


Managed Anti-virus and malware removal

We provide stellar virus and malware removal techniques that will save your computer from some of the most annoying attacks to computers out there. We also provide a managed anti-virus product that alerts us of any “bad” activity on your computer. We issue a clean command and reach out to you to make sure your computer is ok.



We offer 24/7 support which provides access to our dedicated technicans who are available 24/7/365 in the event of any technical emergency. Gain peace of mind knowing we ensure all your systems are being monitored for issues. Our software agent which we install on every one of your workstations, servers, and other end points makes it possible for us to monitor them at all times. So if any disruptions or disturbances occur we are notified and take action immediately.



We are able to offer the appropriate solutions to maintain optimal health of your I.T. environment and deliver ideal solutions for your company to maintain a careful watch over your system and stay ahead of any potential issues. This proactive approach ensures you will not experience unexpected downtime.


Data BACKUP, protection, and recovery

Data backup and recovery is one of the most important services your company will ever sign up for. Our onsite to offsite backup solutions protect all of your data wherever it resides. With our disaster recovery plans whatever the cause of the data loss we are able to restore your data and your systems with minimal downtime.



We have a highly skilled team of dedicated individuals that strive to be the best in their field. Here is a list of some general skilled labor that we offer for your home or business environments. Office Suite Training, TV Mounting, Audio/Visual cleanup or installation, Computer Training, WordPress Training, Second Opinion of your Technology, General Hardware/Software Diagnostics, Documentation of your current setup and more.


Access to COMPETITIVELY priced tech hardware

We take pride in finding the right tech hardware for you to purchase. From laptops to accessories you can be sure we will do the research to find what will work best for you. We will even do you one better and configure and install it all for you!


Semi annual technology strategy reviews

Our Account Managers dedicate time to sit down and review the last 6 months and the future months ahead. This provides us with valuable feedback to continuously improve and perfect our service offerings while anticipating any extra support your company may need in the coming months. As you grow so will your IT needs and this is the perfect way to stay ahead of the game!

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