Dear Friends and Patrons,
As I look back and think of how Adam D Technology started, I find myself blessed and grateful. In 2005 I was working for Marana School District as a Computer Technician II. My lead, Charlie, was one of my greatest influences in helping me develop my abilities, skills and most importantly, my technical knowledge. After moving on from Marana, I accepted a position at Amphi School District as a Network Administrator. I thank Steve, Mike and many other friends there that shaped my elevated learning in networks and computing. Then in 2006 I decided to take a leap of faith and officially start Adam D Technology.

It was one of the most difficult decisions of my life due to the overwhelming fear of “What if I fail?” After speaking with friends and family about my decision and committing to the future, my self-confidence was boosted to a whole new level. With unwavering perseverance, dedication to my craft and a pure love for helping people, the clouds blew over and the decision became much easier; “I’m going to do it!”

Which brings us to today; it has been 10 years of many failures and many successes, all under the umbrella of “How many people can I help today?”. We recently moved offices to Synergy Plaza near Ft Lowell and Swan, and we have startups in Manhattan, NY and Carlsbad, CA. We have a vast infrastructure and have curated programs that fit your needs based on all of the feedback and experience we’ve earned over the years. I’d like to also thank my employees; specifically their dedication to our culture which thrives on helping others succeed as well as their undying pursuit of personal betterment within the company.

None of this would have happened without you, your referrals and support. I can say with the utmost confidence that you have embraced our ideas, culture and ways of doing business and let it thrive in your way of life. A referral from your friends and family is the best complement our company can receive. Every single referral, no matter how big or small it is perceived to be, gives me the feeling of excitement about the ability to put the thought in their mind that there is a company out there that cares more about their IT needs than our own goals. We create relationships for life and I personally look forward to being a part of that for the rest of mine.

It has been a wonderful ride throughout the years. From humble beginnings to modest success and continued growth, I look forward to what the next 10 years bring and whom it brings to us. I am also proud to say that after 10 years I still look forward to coming to work every day. That is large in part due to one simple fact that has rang true since day one: I get to work with amazing and talented individuals as well as some of the best people I’ve met in my life called Friends and Patrons.

From the bottom of my heart and my staff’s, Thank You!

Adam D Technology
Adam Dellos
Office – (520) 762-7614
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