Didn’t holidays mean taking a break, not being entangled in the web of information, just chilling and being yourself? Even before you utter the word yes, you are likely to hear your mobile phone ringing, be reminded of the e-mail you had to send, check your Facebook account, respond to WhatsApp messages … and the yes turns to a yearn.

There would actually be quite a few of us who would defensively insist that these enrich our life. Such technology not just is for work but also for entertainment. Watch yourself if the next thought is – what will I do without all this in my life? This is a sure shot indicator that you are beyond wanting or yearning a technology free holiday – you need it.

The travel and tourism industry is increasingly recognizing this want as well as need and coming up with packages that provide tech free zone. They may range from collecting your smartphones to switching off internet and wi-fi signals. While tech-free is usually understood as free from information technology, some places actually offer places totally one with nature with little or no technology of any sort. Some of them may even offer the services of life coaches to help you manage withdrawal symptoms and help you spend your time in a constructive way.

So a tech-free holiday is all about disconnecting, it is about connecting with yourself and understanding your connection with nature around you. Take a dive in the sea, hike thorough the mountain, or just soak in the sun and breathe. Know yourself.

Such holidays go beyond rejuvenating you. They actually give you time to be away from the ever-present radiation emanating from the use of technology. They free your mental space blocked by mountains of information ever spilling out to make you more creative and less stressed out.

So go ahead, tune out to reboot your system – go technology free on your next holiday.


Courtesy of Freepik.com



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