Because we here at Adam D Technology care about you and your business, we want you to be aware of a very real situation that occurred with one of our clients.

The morning began like any other day at our office, but little did we know what was awaiting our tech department. An alert had gone off for one of our Managed I.T. clients, so we remoted into their PC and began our normal protocol and procedures. Our technician quickly realized what was happening and that this was NOT a normal situation.

Upon accessing our client’s PC, our technician noticed that he was not the only one in the computer and the battle had begun. One of the employees at the company opened an infected phishing email. The email allowed a hacker to gain access and they were now a direct target and in jeopardy of losing all of their information, never being able to recover it or be scammed into paying a large ransom to get it back. Luckily, they were a managed services client of ours and as soon as we were alerted, we went in, and because of the quick actions we took we are able to fight and beat this hacker first hand!

This is why having a dedicated, knowledgeable I.T. company is critical in todays society. As a company, we not only monitor and protect you and your business, we also take pride in finding new ways to keep you and your company secure. An employee clicked on what seemed like a harmless email and it could have resulted in an entire business losing everything.

Please take the time to ensure that you have what you need to stay protected from situations like these. If you’re not sure what you currently have in place, let one of our expert technicians do the review for you.

Don’t be a victim, call Adam D Technology today at (520) 762-7614.

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